Lynn Daley

Artist Statement

It is said that every successful painting brings with it a little part of the artist. 
Whether my subject requires bright, exciting colour or a more earthy aspect, my goal is to sympathetically capture the spirit of the piece rather than to produce a photo image. If the finished painting stirs its onlookers’ emotions in terms of its serene, vibrant or ethereal qualities, I feel that I have brought something to the party.
Living as I do in Bollington, I take much of my inspiration from my surroundings. Strongly influenced by light 
and its magical effects, I absorb, interpret and express my feelings, which I hope are conveyed to the viewer.

Tel 01625 578051

Paintings will be exhibited at The Crown, 96, Church St, Bollington, Macclesfield, SK10 5QD

Opening hours 9.30am to 11pm everyday
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