Deborah Ann Graham & James Wood

Deborah Graham Artist Statement 

Deborah Ann Graham is originally from Cumbria where she did an art foundation course at Cumbria Collage of Art and Design. From there going on to Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham to do a BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art graduating in 1987. After spending a year or so in Art studios in Nottingham including the Oldknow Studio Group, she took art related employment. Working first in the Animation Industry and then moving into Computer Games. She still works as a Computer Games Artist but spend as much time as possible in her loft studio at home in Bollington.

Deborah’s works are always rooted in the world around her where forms such as rocks, lichens, broken shells, landscape and snails can develop into quite abstract shapes and colours. It’s about what the eye likes, a detail, a colour, a contrast, a pattern, a movement and the feelings they create. Just as she likes to explore the feelings created by external forms Deborah also likes to gives form to internal feelings of thought and emotion in her lino block prints.


 James Wood Artist Statement 

Through the development of new and existing techniques, such as laking pigments, charcoaling willow, inking oak galls, papering plants, and so forth, I am questioning not only our own reliance in the machine made object but also that of the contemporary artist.
My practice takes us back to an archaic way of working, where the artist has a connection to the land that he’s foraging his materials from. Through this, every piece of work is unique and affected by the situating foraging grounds surrounding the place of exhibition.
Whilst taking a great interest in locality, transformation, process, materials and manufacture, the work is underpinned by my attempts to strive for sustainability. All other aspects of the work help to attain this.
I’m currently working on a huge range of collaborations as I believe these collaborations will be the best way to fully experiment, test and push the materials I’ve developed and are currently developing.


James will be exhibiting at Barnfield Road with Deborah

20 Barnfield Road
SK10 5DZ 
tel 01625 575941

Deborah & James will be open both Trail weekends. 

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