Christine Sheehan & Sandy Milsom

Chris Sheehan Artist Statement

I moved to Bollington in 1972 and settled in Lowerhouse attracted by the diversity of the place; its community, streets of old stone houses, mill chimneys, the canal and best of all the plentiful footpaths giving access to the countryside and surrounding hills.
Trained in Fine Art, I worked locally, teaching for many years, drawing whenever I had time, but after giving up full time teaching in 2005, I began to paint once again.
I always try to capture more than just a representation of the subject in front of me and my work is constantly evolving.  I am interested in the quality of light, how it affects the colour, tone and relationships of shapes within the painting. I enjoy the textural quality of paint and strive to make marks that enliven the work. I paint the ordinary things around me and in painting them, they change and become special for me.

TEL: 01625 574455

Sandy Milsom Artist Statement
I discovered silk painting about 15 years ago and was very quickly hooked . I love the rich colours of the dyes and the way they spread on the silk. The unpredictability of the results is very freeing and it means that each piece of work is different. I am still  learning new techniques and experimenting with different effects.

Sandy Milsom will be showing her work at Moss Farmhouse with Christine

Christine and Sandy will be open both trail weekends 

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