Anna Barker

Artists Statement

Having recently moved to Bollington, my artwork is inspired by the wonderful people and landscapes of the area, as well as by the seascapes of the beautiful Lleyn Peninsula, where I spend much of my spare time.  As well as sketching from direct observation I use my camera to collect information which I then develop into my own compositions. I love to work with acrylics applying the paint thickly to add texture, then finishing off with some very fine details. I also work in watercolours and pastels, as well as 3D work.

My carvings and driftwood work are inspired by many walks along the beaches of the Lleyn where much can be found, especially after winter storms. I love the well-worn shapes of the driftwood which I often use instead of canvases. I also enjoy carving small pieces which I then add to some of my canvases. However, the wonderful patterns and textures that can be found on some of the wood I prefer to leave unpainted to preserve their natural beauty; these I use to make clocks and for mounting my beaded animal sculptures. I also carve spoons, dishes and small animals from local green wood and fashion beaded jewellery using coiled wirework.
101 Grimshaw Lane
SK10 5LY
Telephone: 01625 573459

Anna will be open on both of the festival weekends.

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