Nola McGaul & Ralph McGaul

Nola McGaul Artist Statement

From an early age I have enjoyed  painting, but when embarking on a career I chose dentistry rather than art. Whilst a dental student I attended Newcastle School of Art and followed a ceramics course which was a creative change from  vocational study.It was only after retiring from dental practice that I have been able to spend time painting.
I am a member of two art  groups  in the Macclesfield area where I live. This allows me to meet  other  artists and gives me an opportunity to exhibit. I  have had several successful exhibitions over the last seven years and sold work through local galleries. 
I have been invited to exhibit at the biennial East Cheshire Art Fair since 2008 where I have exhibited alongside many excellent and established artists from this region and further  afield. Living within the Peak District, I am lucky to be surrounded by an inspiring landscape  of hills and valleys.  
I  spend the summer months sailing off the coasts of Scotland in a small sailing boat where I sketch every day .I never tire of the sea and the islands or the changing weather –sometimes it is  cold and grey  with  a rough sea making the boat heel.  At other times the sea is calm  and a  deep turquoise colour Whatever the conditions it is always inspirational.

Ralph McGaul Artist Statement 

I have now been working from my studio in Macclesfield for four years. A series of successful exhibitions in 2011 year gave me the confidence to finally commit to my art full time. I work in a range of media but predominantly create oil paintings on board, woodcuts and etchings.
Typically naïve and primitive, my paintings are characterised by a raw energy and expressive style. Painting on board enables me to scratch and scrape into the surface, building up textures and exposing the multiple layers of paint. Often I paint on salvaged boards and allow the existing colours or textures to show through.
In addition to my paintings, I also create woodcuts and etchings. Relief printing especially appeals to me as the technique limits the colour palette, creating strong opposing blocks of colour that form powerful simplified images.
A wide and varied range of art influences my works. Most recently I’ve been inspired by modern British artists such as Robert Colquhoun and Henry Moore. However, I am also drawn to the simplicity of medieval art, movements such as Art Brut and die Brücke and the expressive and decorative style of African art.

Hawthorn Cottage
Hedge Row
contact    01625 572931       
please note I am NOT in Rainow village but between Bollington and Rainow off Spuley Lane
Limited parking for up to 4 cars on driveway. Narrow lane with few passing spots. Suggest park car at layby on Spuley Lane and walk up -half a mile to house. It is the  6th house on left (bay window) from Spuley Lane direction.

Nola & Ralph will be open both trail weekends

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