Ann Ford and her Embroidery & Textile Art Group

Ann Ford and her Embroidery & Textile art groups will be exhibiting new work at  Livesey's Deli during the Festival Art Trail. Ann's students  meet weekly at Bollington Art Centre exploring Textile Art and Creative Embroidery. Most of the groups will be producing work relating to Bollington for the festival displays.
Some of the students in the Embroidery & Textile Art groups will also be displaying work at St. Oswalds Church during most of May. When the Flower display is on they will be in attendance during the day,  from the 16th-24th times to be confirmed.

tel: 01625 560459

The group will be showing at Livesey's Deli both weekends of the Art Trail

and at Saint Oswalds from 16th to the 24th May
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